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Workshop Faculty

Philip McArthurPhilip McArthur is a partner and cofounder of Action Design. For over twenty years, Phil has helped senior executives get results by building effective teams, collaborating productively across organizational boundaries, transforming difficult relationships, and implementing change. In addition to executive coaching, facilitating executive retreats, and consulting on organizational change, he conducts professional development workshops on creating productive conversations and building effective relationships in organizations.…Read More


Robert PutnamRobert W. Putnam is a partner and cofounder of Action Design. He works with senior executives to develop effective leadership groups, facilitates conversations across organizational boundaries, and consults on organizational change. He also conducts executive education and professional development workshops for leaders and agents of organizational learning and change. He has worked with leading companies in a broad range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, financial services, information technology, medical devices, and consulting.…Read More


Iris BagwellIris Lee Bagwell, M.Ed., is an executive coach and organizational consultant in Winthrop, Massachusetts. She is the Founder and Principal at Optio Associates LLC, a consulting firm offering coaching and leadership development to a wide variety of clients in corporate, nonprofit and political settings. Iris has over forty years of experience working with individuals, pairs, teams and organizations with a focus on building relationships that work. She has had the opportunity to work with outstanding thought leaders like Chris Argyris, David Kantor and the partners at Action Design.…Read More